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Walking to the light and becoming one with nature



She looked dead
Grayish color, shapeless and insipid
But as I was approaching her I had to stare and be with her…
This big rock was full of life, as so many things, spaces and places we look but just don’t see
We look around without actually seeing, observing, appreciating, understanding…
That’s the power of nature
When she has a mission, she is unstoppable ….

There’s life anywhere;
Small leaves starting to grow coming from nowhere, even mini plants hugging her…. and a baby snail exploring her surface where food such as appetizing green fungus abounded.
Down there a snail family was about to have dinner too
It just looked like a feast….and the sun was coming down….
They value what they have
They enjoy nature, breeze and Life
it’s just not for granted
and they may not have it tomorrow
Learning from animals children and nature would be wise
In a world ruled by impulsiveness, workaholism, materialism
where for some individuals self respect is directly proportional to a constantly growing financial success
we may have lost sight of what’ s important
we may have lost ourselves
we can still be found

Geisha Tree

It’s growing people

Green me

Happy me