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Concious woman

She is simply different

The way she talks

The way she moves

The way she breaths

Her flow & Air

Her vibes & Hair

She simply shows up when you would want to hide…. when the world just don’t seem to understand you….

She sees you when you’d like to pass unseen

She finds beauty in your darkest spaces and brings light to your darkness

She loves all you hoped you wouldn’t have

Her affection melts all your layered spots of the soul

When you know she is here to stay

To love you when you cant seem to love yourself

When she is simply the one…..


Havent written in some time

maybe resisting to expose misleading thoughts to this perfect untamable water reflecting the moon.


Ego has been the reflection insisting to be heard

but the battle was won …. no space to be torn..

Nowhere to land, walking on sand knowing that lessons are one single point of light in the infinity width of the sky on a clear perfect summery night …


More layers or learning to walk better?

Strength or Surrender ness? 


Adaptation or Resignation?


The more I live the less I understand

Wisdom is not clarity but the confusion of seeing too much and the capacity of accepting what is…

Getting older is knowing that life is unpredictable as the souls we get to encounter , as the unstable weather on a tropical

night where a storm welcomes the stars and the moon becomes a spark of bliss.

Maturity is awareness not aging;

getting older is an easy predictable process but not a synonym of inner growth.

How is it called when our space is in between when we are nor yellow nor green

when sadness is the space of comfort as no direction is bringing us purpose ?

how to choose a destination to feel alive and with determination?…..


So here I am writing again thinking aloud about life and its innermost turns of the soul as if they were able to give me clarity

to undiscovered disclosures of this unpredictable pathway back home.







Pain-proof skin
rain water feeding the pores
Moon’s reflection in her back
pretending she was sunlight
Footsteps decorating the sand
and artisan fingertips playing freely with that melted chocolate bar…
Nonstop monotonous thoughts but clarity of purpose
Breaking free from obstruction
Calming down from deception
Pursuing intriguing challenging dreams of never ending blossoming
Where is this fairy tail world we were raised to believe that existed?
The Truth?
Where do this almost tangible dreams go?…
Is there a crib for them in a faraway island full of flowers and smiles; kind words & hugs; contagious love ( the kindest dis-ease of them all) and freedom, where they can spread their wings into the air and fly?…
Where are we going?
Observing what we preach as a mirror of what we do, as magnets attract themselves, reflecting generosity, compassion, understanding and light
Where is the land for the non- followers, the non- adapters, for the truth seekers & the doers , for the sensitive & compassionate, for the ‘ I dont want to sell myself’ to belong or ‘just’ to have money…
for the creative as a self expressing mechanism ?
I can imagine it…. It’s there… its close to me but seems to be far away…. It’s hard to grab it, it shows his reflection and fades away as steam does
I only hope I could hold it in my arms… and never let go, even when my arms open ….
I hope the sun would shine and hug our Planet,
the sad,
the lonely,
the homeless,
the sick,
the weak,
the thinkers and feel-ers ,
the non materialistic,
the love spreaders,
the healers,
the sensitive,
the real & transparent,
the caring,
every child….
If only we could realize we are here for a purpose and as a Unity, as Teamwork, as commUnity , would be so much better, so much fulfilling
so much in accordance with G’ds Truth and daily message….
Open your eyes
We need You…
and You & You & You………
The time is Now…..
Dont wait any longer…

on the other side

On the other side things seem perfect.
The reflection only shows glorious images spread as golden steam.

Is it me or everybody else can also see what I see?

what do you see?….

Spying brings motionless adrenaline to the blood stream

Why is the non possessed, magnified?

Is that, its real magnitude, or it is over intensified by day dreaming of a non existent perfection of beauty &  an idealized heaven?

‘The perfection of being imperfect’, she said….

….there’s this wordless freedom in making mundane mistakes.
By walking at different speeds there’s an assured fall on the way; but it’s not called failure, it’s called ‘playing this game called life’, experiencing with wide open skin pores what Planet Earth and other realms have to show us.
so Spying is allowed as long as it’s letting us squeeze the whole magnitude of our individual ‘Now’
maybe instead of spying ‘appreciating’ would be a better descriptive word to use.

where there’s no other side, where there’s no yesterday no tomorrow
where nature, love, gratitude, happiness, bliss and positivism rule

happiness is shared, freedom is shared
the fact that someone is experiencing it, its not stopping other mortals from it’s glory
on the contrary, it’s a contagious dis-ease where no illness is found but contagious spread ed out love….

Hope you enjoy it too ;)


sellados con valores
turbios y esfumados delineando el supuesto rumbo a seguir
moldeados y educados en forma de robotico organigrama hasta que el espejo no reconoce al que ve.
Poliforme y escurridizo

La caminata deambulante destapa nichos y en ellos acampamos
algunos generan una permanencia y otros solo de paso nos saludan.

El objetivo es simple
solo que enredado entre las madejas de lo externo, pierde claridad.
‘Felicidad’, tan simple como eso
la sensacion de pertencia, de estar en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado haciendo eso mismo que nos hace sentir el mmm…
Compuesta por momentos
donde la transparencia, sonrisa y sensacion de paz rigen.
Pero; toda una vida se evapora

Porque el constante persecutorio pre-sentir que ‘ hay algo mas’?
Invasiva la sensacion de estar incompleto.
Es inconformismo o grito desesperado por ver aun mas?
…por vivir mas intensamente observando desde el alma los valores reales?….
la incognita persiste….
y yo no tengo la respuesta

It’s Time to Wake Up Now—Free Your Mind

Please check out this wise video….



thinking aloud he was….

Lost love
come back
Still here half filled with empty thoughts.
Unclear what is needed to touch this puzzling soul in search of responses, where faith illuminates the unforeseen itinerary.

Victimized living, a memory…
Present life an illusion…
Future life amorphous by reality.

Shaken undestined heart by unattainable freedom,
Platonic eyesight of an utopianized tomorrow where decisions are made in the darkness of the night; the moment when worshipping the unknown is easier than standing firm on the ground.

Sunlight the following morning is coming, that’s no fallacy
and under the Sun reality is seen without a beauty mask.

Truth is brought by the sun, who bathes with light even the deepest secrets of the soul.

Clarity is nowhere to be found
but life is here and not going anywhere soon.
Mountain climb, and down the hill, cycle of life, is where seeing begins and re-inventing itself, it evolves in a path of confusion and blissfulness
When obscurity dominates, we may be found
we may be IN the center of the light.

Sunday oh! Domingo

My eyes don’t want to remain open.
Sundays are introspective, analytical days, where no conclusions are made but abundant thoughts playing ceaseless in the mind
….and they Do have fun oh yea!
Seductive rain
Relaxed mind, feeling at the summit looking down and saying hello to the sleepy base
My friend opened my eyes today
How hard it is to let loose, to brake free, to believe that things happen for a reason and just accept
Surrendering is a word that liberated me
It freed me from expectations, achievements, conclusions, tags,
…..and it feels so good
A feather light feeling
Wind choosing the direction for you and
‘The higher source’ your destination.
Re-discovering every day, we move
internal unexpected non invited revolutions that show up only because there’s an unstoppable overflown of emotions, that need to find another human shape
Shapes define some individuals and confuse others, that while seeking for the concretion of real dreams, they fall into categories of belonging and end up loosing sight of Identity Truth.
Revolve, continue, explore, test yourself.
Challenges, of self imposed victories reached by speaking out loud, real values and turbulent realities shown by the ones who are not afraid to see, and are able to choose
Choosing is betting to our own gut’s game of no winners nor losers but a constant feeling of being in charge.