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Concious woman

She is simply different

The way she talks

The way she moves

The way she breaths

Her flow & Air

Her vibes & Hair

She simply shows up when you would want to hide…. when the world just don’t seem to understand you….

She sees you when you’d like to pass unseen

She finds beauty in your darkest spaces and brings light to your darkness

She loves all you hoped you wouldn’t have

Her affection melts all your layered spots of the soul

When you know she is here to stay

To love you when you cant seem to love yourself

When she is simply the one…..

The Re~Birding of the Chakras

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the sun is hiding, the moon up there staring.

you walk slowly

the ocean captivates you

fascinated by its music, you meditate

nights are your own path, in search of your own wrath

when noises are absent & shades dont follow.

authentic, sincere, and a truth chaser in a world of costumes & masks

where nobody asks what is it that you busk

cold weather levitates you & your sensuality vitiates

if only you could see, how special you can be, when stars are talking loud & wind tickles in your back….

sincerity in the dark soothes the identity of the sensitive.

protective, naive, genuinely goofy …

sheltering arms that captivate this free soul in search of answers

It’s easier to be yourself in the darkness of the night,

the moon’s spell hypnotizes the rebel mind, out of it’s comfort zone

Truth is not easy.

Adapting is

Truth is not fun

Lies & escapism are.

Truth is not cheap

obeying & following rules may be

Truth is not feeling lonely

learning to be alone is the sanctuary where dreams are planted as seeds & time allows its proper ascension

erasing the habits of forgotten past, re-writing reality in the present and now.

stronger than planned, sweeter than honey, fierce ……

En un mundo idealizado en la memoria, te animas a Ser…tu mismo!

(in an idealized world that resides in memories you are brave enough to be yourself)



Hope you enjoy it too ;)

El camino ( The way)

Some Psychologists toss the past, mix and stir getting to a point where instead of helping us clarify the past they create this mist all over,misplaced and its hard to see through.
Is that a calling that stirring is not needed and that other means can get to the same destination without mixing the stiffened sacred puzzle?
Spirituality for me has been and still is a self discovery journey of filtering the unnecessary, adding the good, learning from others but most of all learning from myself
The most mysterious undiscovered path I’ve encountered is my own path to the soul
It’s been so easy to put fulfillment and blame outside, that I had to detach from everything to be left in a desert of confusion to find the inner strength door to selfknowledge
People can be a supporting cane, but that its not learning to walk alone
Introspection is silence
Silence is reached by being alone
Being alone doesnt mean being lonely
Being lonely means not knowing myself
If I know myself, I am fulfilled not needing the outside to complete me
so we go back to introspection meditation or any way we want to call it
My belief is that we’ll be powerfully living when we actually know who we are, we embrace ourself and love the world.
No fears, a simple surrender to light, positivism and The highest source.

The Perfection of being Imperfect

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