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Once upon a time

Once upon a time…..

she didn’t know what to do, so surrendered

She gave up,but was found

Infinite light filled heart and soul, walking through her body in silence , yet, talking

Tingling sensations of cold, warmth, sweat and peace inside

Arms relaxed, levitating legs flying with the wind, and her mind in a peaceful speechless zone, where only the ones that get her, got her.

Breathing in, breathing out, she found her way.

Not knowing what she wanted but knowing what she didn’t.

Anger and fear were not on her side.

They were left alone to find another shelter

Love and empathy, Sun and light were all she was….

And she was learning that there’s no limits for sharing…

She could make a better place each day just by knowing how contagious her magnetism was.

Magnets attract the appropriate object. What if were all were magnets attracting  just what we wished?

We could….

Surrendering, means letting go of the pressure of belonging, fulfilling others constantly and being accepted.

Surrendering means ‘Being yourself’. No expectations, just loving and giving, genuinely and purely.

Being you, Letting  go, Freeing yourself, Regretting not doing, Making mistakes

Squeezing life until the last drop

On the other side

Infinite 1

Infinite 2