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New Sun


CommUnity of stars

holding the mandala Sun

The Space is bleeding…..


Circle of light

Absorbed by this intense meditation she crossed this yellowish shining circle of light.
The meditation guided her to walk and open a door
She could imagine a red bright wood heavy door, she could even touch it.
She had to see where she was, and even though she was in love with trees and with the ocean, all she could see was a cloudy floor and a sky blue color on top
Yes she was walking on the sky
Soft tender clouds caressing her skin
Breeze seducing her
Hair moved around by open eyed dreams
The Reiki master’s voice was heard , softly inviting to approach a building that was on the other side of the place ( on the other side of her Sky)
The building was bright, open, a simple yer gorgeous loft, grey cement, wood and red cushions all over
Light spying from every window
This particular spot had more red chubby cushions than the rest of the apartment.
So she sat down
and the only thing she could see was similar minded people
full of love
holding hands
moving their heads and bodies softly with the sound of an indian melody
Fresh smell in the air
Peace in the heart
Hugged and kissed by an unnamed passionate figure she was, heavenly she felt, moved, content and in the moment…..
She didn’t want that moment to end
The image was perfection
She could hear the master’s meditation again telling to move back to the door, and then back to the place they were before ( her sky )
and back to the circle of light
She followed directions, although she was actually resisting to leave that sacred space
She wanted to stay where she was
She was so fulfilled, at peace, feeling love all over
But back to reality she needed to go
and she did so
The place felt so real that she knew she could always go back
A private mystical crib for the soul she found
Where love and caress are the oxygen to breath and music and light are the only condiments needed to spice up this life’s delicatessen
( true story during a meditation)

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