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Reiki 2 is knocking my door

This Friday I’ll be officially Reiki certified
able to do one on one healings, distant healings, objects, pets and so on.
I have an intense feeling of freedom and happiness surrounding me and fulfilling me.
No words required 🙂
I’ve been doing self healing Reiki for the past month and it’s been simply beautiful.
Intense emotions were moved, heat all over, tears, laughs, but it’s life and I always prefer to feel anything I have to feel, instead of not feeling anything at all.
Life is powerful, it’s extraordinary, and only if we can see, we’ll discover there’s a new beginning and a second chance, just around the corner.
Reiki has been my own door to this life I’m choosing.
New friends, new passions, art all over as well as spirituality and new eyes, actually the same ones but with a wide open renewed perception of life, relationships and goals.
I love to live, I live to love.
I’m happy this friday my own door will be totally open to give light and peace, healing in a way even doctors cant.
A soul healing way where illness is pushed aside by peace of mind and soul.
Happy…. soooo….!!!!
Me 🙂