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When finding himself, he was losing himself
The more he saw the more he got drowned.

Reality didn’t bring the well seeked clarity that day.

Confusion didn’t bring the typical daily delusion but neither clarity nor ease that day.

Walking and walking he was trying to find a solution.

Slowly and slowly he thought, as if waiting for answers to come unexpectedly from the sun was certainly happening.

His emptiness felt so dark
no matter how bright his sparks were, as unseen by his third eye they lived in mystery.

He wanted to Dive as if the water would clean his shade

He wanted to fly, as if the air up there would erase his pain.

He wanted to run, as if speed would burn the void inside.

……but all he did was stay, in a stillness mode , where the non thinking mind was the one to answer this time.




Why are we pleasing the rest?
Did it ever happen to you to wake up one day and realize you’ve been living someone else’s life? …not even knowing who you are or where you want to go…
It’s so easy to please the rest
We can give the right answer at the right place and time but late at night when you go to sleep , who are you
You are still this profound, adventurous, misterious, humble human being, full of life, who is maybe afraid to be yourself but trained to please and belong

What are we here for?
Are we supposed to feel alive everyday squeezing each moment as the last one?
Why is it so difficult sometimes?
What inspires you?
What makes you vibrate?
What gives you goose bumps?
What makes you smile?
Are we on the right way and path or used to do what we have to do?
Thinking aloud on a Friday morning