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Concious woman

She is simply different

The way she talks

The way she moves

The way she breaths

Her flow & Air

Her vibes & Hair

She simply shows up when you would want to hide…. when the world just don’t seem to understand you….

She sees you when you’d like to pass unseen

She finds beauty in your darkest spaces and brings light to your darkness

She loves all you hoped you wouldn’t have

Her affection melts all your layered spots of the soul

When you know she is here to stay

To love you when you cant seem to love yourself

When she is simply the one…..

the Actress

Windows reflecting her image distorted of how she feels she is,
as memories come to her mind suddenly.

she left
This walk was a never-ending roller-coaster
who was she without that mask?

….the best actress is not the authentic but the ticket seller

what do you do when you dont know what to do but still have to do it?
unclear is the surface of the tangible ground when mostly what you see is just part of the script.

Uncertain of directions perceiving a void when the known is far away and there’s no wall to lay on.

What if heart chooses, and mind is in disagreement?
Excuse me Sir, where is this life’s manual?
I dont want to go against the law
but … what if it makes me happy not to please anyone else?
This sadness is brought by the uncertainty of path
the rate race of dreams that walk without direction….
How can we feel fulfilled
How can we fly up high and feel alive?
How can we feel purposed even when nobody else sees that in us?
she feels alone
she feels non understood
where can she go….?

A reason

So much pain so hard to explain
down here in the rain pretending He is vain
Where should He go what should he do…no matter what happens he still thinks of you.
Somewhere in the dessert where plants tend to die, he handles a flower, pretending to fly.

Faraway lands expecting arrivals of wisdom and canvas ready to be re-designed

This emptiness feels like a summer debris refusing to be , eternal bliss
what is to die, but to be only naked in our mind, not speaking aloud our truth to survive.
If only he could leave this space of hollowness fulfilling the gap with love and with trust, believing he must fly and shine like a star in the middle of the sky somewhere up high.
In love he is destroyed In love he is delighted no roof and no ground to feel this alive
As blessed as intrigued with sorrow and bliss
believing exists this heaven in his list.
The maze has no end but trouble and pain
Why should he stay when the rain is on its way
Why should he pray, when he only has today
as tomorrow is blossoming and yesterday is dead.



Pain-proof skin
rain water feeding the pores
Moon’s reflection in her back
pretending she was sunlight
Footsteps decorating the sand
and artisan fingertips playing freely with that melted chocolate bar…
Nonstop monotonous thoughts but clarity of purpose
Breaking free from obstruction
Calming down from deception
Pursuing intriguing challenging dreams of never ending blossoming
Where is this fairy tail world we were raised to believe that existed?
The Truth?
Where do this almost tangible dreams go?…
Is there a crib for them in a faraway island full of flowers and smiles; kind words & hugs; contagious love ( the kindest dis-ease of them all) and freedom, where they can spread their wings into the air and fly?…
Where are we going?
Observing what we preach as a mirror of what we do, as magnets attract themselves, reflecting generosity, compassion, understanding and light
Where is the land for the non- followers, the non- adapters, for the truth seekers & the doers , for the sensitive & compassionate, for the ‘ I dont want to sell myself’ to belong or ‘just’ to have money…
for the creative as a self expressing mechanism ?
I can imagine it…. It’s there… its close to me but seems to be far away…. It’s hard to grab it, it shows his reflection and fades away as steam does
I only hope I could hold it in my arms… and never let go, even when my arms open ….
I hope the sun would shine and hug our Planet,
the sad,
the lonely,
the homeless,
the sick,
the weak,
the thinkers and feel-ers ,
the non materialistic,
the love spreaders,
the healers,
the sensitive,
the real & transparent,
the caring,
every child….
If only we could realize we are here for a purpose and as a Unity, as Teamwork, as commUnity , would be so much better, so much fulfilling
so much in accordance with G’ds Truth and daily message….
Open your eyes
We need You…
and You & You & You………
The time is Now…..
Dont wait any longer…

Rumi~Sufi proverb~

I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.

The internal light effect

Standarized molds didn’t fit him, he thought he was simply wrong
He stared at the sky looking for answers and getting lost in surrendering to the confusion of being himself in a massive system of being what’s right.
The space between the Earth and the sky was infinite.

Is it infinite as well as our lack of understanding that we know so little, he said

The word ‘Art’ penetrated his mind one stormy night.
Artistic manifestations are a non verbal means to set our powerful brave mysterious interior free leaving its comfort zone where the lighting is dark the feeling is warm, but the physical space is limited
Art rebels against standards of acceptance
Art is freedom of expression
Art is manifesting what we may be afraid to say in words
Art is rebellion
Art is (r)evolution
Art is the authentic form
Forgetting about ‘Them’ focusing on ‘Me’, to create ‘It’ and feel the Bliss.
Loneliness, not pronounced neither felt anymore.
A fulfilled heart and a purposed life need no company.
It’s well appreciated and welcomed but without need, only with a welcoming connection.


Searching for his home he was
Diving cold waters of never ending depths seeking for this idealized reality only captured by his mind, blind to the sight.
Strong winds moving the unmovable, except his feet
He knew which step to take. Fear was not his friend anymore
Messy hair, strong complexion, sensuality at its peak.
His skin was dark
His eyes penetrating
His thoughts, lost in time
He was in need of a Home
The outside was fulfilling the physical holes a human body can carry, but they can only reach to a certain extent, and when the idealized time for dreaming cames to an end, no fulfillment is made but the emptiness caused by the thinking mind.
He saw faces, but only some pairs of eyes did communicate
Sometimes words were not needed
But still home-less…..he was
His house was a warm bed establishment to exhibit the new prey, but lost was, the crib cozy enchanting magnetism of a H.O.M.E
(the only spot allowed and protective enough to straighten him when the day ends and the new one is spying like a hidden child while playing hide and seek)
Lost in thoughts, confused by constantly seeking outside
Not even the mirror’s reflection talked about him
So many roles developed to perfection, that even Mr Mirror whispered ; ‘what’s your name again boy?’
He heard definition is the key, but he discovered that defining himself through thought was simply limiting himself
square-izing him.
Authentic interactions are impossible when losing ourselves in a role.
New to his persona, he walked
Sunrise smiling
The sun was still yawning, and the morning breeze still asleep
but he could see through
this new beginning was tangible to the sight
A bit tired and weak to win any discovery race , but strong enough for emerging freedom….
of himself
of settled society’s reality
of conformism
of approval
of limitations without a convincing reason
of mirror’s one way conversations where appearance plays the leading role
Bare foot he sat on the beach ready to detach
Connecting with mother Earth through sight and feet…..the beginning was imminent
A side smile showing his shining white pearls and an unseen unperceptive light to the outside, ruling his every new step of self discovery, inside, where no conditioning exists and purpose is that maters.