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in my mind….

in my mind heartbreak was just an indecipherable state
in my mind the sun shielded us from obscurity
in my mind fear was a 4 letter word, unchosen
in my mind, loving was forever & never ending as breathing.
compassion and love our sixth sense.
shadows; only a reflection of trees, of shapes, not a dark soul feeling of fading into the night….
In my mind the beach was our home not allowing money as a medium to subsist on Earth…..where the ocean felt like blankets do and the sand as nests; as the only inhabitants who need money to be alive on Earth, she gifted us with nature and free loving.
In my mind, you & you & you & I… came here to be one, to help each other, through compassion & kindness, excluding¬† selfishness & simply offering tender love and trust to every soul, even the ones that choose to hide sensitivity and pain due to a misconception of what to be vulnerable and fragile really means
In my mind challenges were confirmation tests of our own true nature; no need for outdoor’s approval
In my mind, a shoot in the hoop still an activity allowing our essence to remain the same & victory not being a game but a feeling in the soulin my mind midnights were my secret spot that helped me unlock my truest Me, reminding me of the pleasure of existence, the abundance that simplicity possesses , of the ones to let go and the ones to keep; building the present as a solid foundation of an incoming future, where dreams come true; and peace, breathing and being; only synonyms of who we truly are.
in my mind eyes were only the windows to a beautiful inside out soul, simply hiding from deception; in love with love but quite scared of opening the heart to allow it’s humble natural flow.
in my mind every kiss would perpetuate all over my pores the indescribable intensity of the passion felt, immortalized as tattoos decorating my skin
Sensuality the motive & manifested art of seduction.
I guess we do know;
in our mind, essence, spirit…
… answers arise at the right day/time, if we are not hiding from them.
In my mind love was more than love;
it meant life
it meant joy
it meant companionship
it meant honesty
it meant freedom of being and choice
it meant hugs and touch
it meant friendship
it meant openness
it meant listening
it meant giving
it meant Unity & Oneness
L.O.V.E. Live life in a Oneness state of Vibrating Existence
in my mind……


Just got home
The mysticism night brings is silent, yet full of words

breeze in the air

crickets musical rhythm knocking my ear’s door


Sudden rain just started.
How Amazing she is.
It took her 2 seconds to hypnotize me,
her sound impregnating my pulse.

Talkative crumbled clouds redesigning their shape nonstop
Rain makes me sleepy
i ‘m resisting bed
the feeling of infinity is only felt awake
The magnetism of the zombie would be the perfect unseen footage right now but it doesn’t create this palpable truth
of a rain/ darkness/ moon/ mystery addictive smoothie to feed the soul.
eyes almost closing now…
bed is calling….
– coming…..whispers my mind

love —– believe

Reiki and her

Overwhelmed by confusing dreams where physical reality was intense but the emocional ‘s suffering felt as real as touch, she opened her eyes.
Weak, and tired.
She needed to trust, and seeking for it she found faith
Morning blessings accompanied by symbols; and ready she was to heal herself.
She had to be able to spread love
She was not allowed to get drawn in the platonic illusions of love
Self healing Reiki started , her body naked and warm, her hands were seeking for the weakest spot to heal
And they found her heart.
A pleasing sensation filled her up
Her hands were burning, covering her up with so much lightness and warmth that not even existed in the remote infinite.
She was ready now to stand up and get dressed
Peaceful and smilie she combed her hair and started to walk in direction to a new special, unique day.