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Walking to the light and becoming one with nature


The message is clear
refusing to hear
this inner voice fear
provoking these tears
Neglecting her space
of laughter and grace
shadowing her face from liberty.
What is it out there, so tempting to wear?
What is it in here… that she expects to tear?
The Sun is still shining, no matter whats coming
The sky is still vast as it ever lasts
You, Me, Him, Her pretending to hide reality from society
The lights wont chase us as darkness lands.
Setting wings free into the sky full of shining pearls and wonder moons fooling the ones with a type of blindness called ignorance that blocks the unquestionable , from flowing.

What about stepping on layers of experienced mistakes becoming taller to spy across the tall fence of life truth ‘s?
Is that possible?

She walks alone
Experienced mastered her in learning her power.
Illusions frustrated expectations.
And choices blocked possibilities.
She walks detached from judgement and whining , from comments and rhyming.
She walks unlatched from handles and leashes facing her wishes confidently unscratched.

The power of being in a world of believing that magic exists in this list I cant resist
Called Living
Called Life
Called Being


Nesting ideas


the sun is hiding, the moon up there staring.

you walk slowly

the ocean captivates you

fascinated by its music, you meditate

nights are your own path, in search of your own wrath

when noises are absent & shades dont follow.

authentic, sincere, and a truth chaser in a world of costumes & masks

where nobody asks what is it that you busk

cold weather levitates you & your sensuality vitiates

if only you could see, how special you can be, when stars are talking loud & wind tickles in your back….

sincerity in the dark soothes the identity of the sensitive.

protective, naive, genuinely goofy …

sheltering arms that captivate this free soul in search of answers

It’s easier to be yourself in the darkness of the night,

the moon’s spell hypnotizes the rebel mind, out of it’s comfort zone

Truth is not easy.

Adapting is

Truth is not fun

Lies & escapism are.

Truth is not cheap

obeying & following rules may be

Truth is not feeling lonely

learning to be alone is the sanctuary where dreams are planted as seeds & time allows its proper ascension

erasing the habits of forgotten past, re-writing reality in the present and now.

stronger than planned, sweeter than honey, fierce ……

En un mundo idealizado en la memoria, te animas a Ser…tu mismo!

(in an idealized world that resides in memories you are brave enough to be yourself)


……you are singing
i can hear you
relaxing you are, as i’m doing too
i’m simply human
you are eternity
your waves describe the meaning of life, with it’s ups and downs & the ones in between…
poly shaped, strong , tempting , intense ….
our essence is the same though
we both want freedom
we both breath life
we both love the moon & can stare at her spell for long hours
we both reflect it’s light
even the sun’s image inspires us
you are shapeless, i’m a soul inside of a body
you mean peace, i spread it
you carry life, i love life

Are we the same?…..what if we are…..

i swim in you & your freshness lowers my summer heats

i caress you with my whole body & you seem to enjoy it; while you make me swim & roll as seals do

i love my earrings, you have your sea shells

you smell nature’s sweat, i smell human skin.

i surrender to the night, you awaken by her presence

sleeping is not an option for your wildly essence, whose peaceful music caresses the breeze & sand….transforming the atmosphere into sugary fog


I love u Mar!

re-designing the Sun

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Human Nature

holding the mandala Sun


Enredada entre las ramas, zapatos sucios, hojas secas por doquier y alma en paz
Manejando encontro este nicho inexplorado
Visitas previas al lugar, con tendencia a superficiales se conformaban con apreciar el agua a unos pocos metros Parecia serles suficiente.
Ella no era asi, necesitaba mas
Redisenaba la vista con una percepcion diferente de lo que la naturaleza y sus dotes brindaban
Ramas antiguas cubiertas por enredaderas, que pese a ser indomables, daban un aire de jungla al espacio.
Flores escondidas tras esas ramas que pese a secas, vida no les faltaba, y manojos de hojas aun mojados por aquella reciente lluvia
Olor a barro, humedo, fresco
sonidos en el agua de …. vida….
sin poder descubrir quien los generaba, talvez animalitos escurridizos…
Los fotos no alcanzaban por eso respirar intenso era su instrumento
La combinacion de un pulmon lleno de aire puro, sumado a una vista atrapante
retratada por la camara, revivida por el alma
Un cocktail para el deleite!


She looked dead
Grayish color, shapeless and insipid
But as I was approaching her I had to stare and be with her…
This big rock was full of life, as so many things, spaces and places we look but just don’t see
We look around without actually seeing, observing, appreciating, understanding…
That’s the power of nature
When she has a mission, she is unstoppable ….

There’s life anywhere;
Small leaves starting to grow coming from nowhere, even mini plants hugging her…. and a baby snail exploring her surface where food such as appetizing green fungus abounded.
Down there a snail family was about to have dinner too
It just looked like a feast….and the sun was coming down….
They value what they have
They enjoy nature, breeze and Life
it’s just not for granted
and they may not have it tomorrow
Learning from animals children and nature would be wise
In a world ruled by impulsiveness, workaholism, materialism
where for some individuals self respect is directly proportional to a constantly growing financial success
we may have lost sight of what’ s important
we may have lost ourselves
we can still be found