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…..this is hip hop


Unique work by beachole
featuring a Real musician, true to his roots (reph)
The simplicity and magnificence of Santo Domingo, touching lyrics and innocent yet magnetic sound


Free singing

Expressing what you simply feel no need for conformation or confirmation
just a manifestation of your own and intangible feelings
She just inspired me here, by her lost sight and powerful voice, I could reaffirm seeing starts when we close our eyes
She seems to be feeling her own words and sound, but most of all, feeling herself
With a glass of something hugging her hand , smile decorating her white complexion
and a speechless voice she is art
I would have been enjoying her sound painting and writing beside her
Art is a circle of inspiration where when one starts, all of your senses open up and simply more art is coming
Starts by music, followed by poetry, dancing or painting… anything
It just flows
It’s simply a unique way of living
The most beautiful one I’ve been part of
Where the outside complements
but the happy numb inside is fulfilled by melodies

Can’t get enough

and when they sing together….

I had to post it :)

Simple,Live,Powerful lyrics
Lovely and genuine performance
I love this song 🙂