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……you are singing
i can hear you
relaxing you are, as i’m doing too
i’m simply human
you are eternity
your waves describe the meaning of life, with it’s ups and downs & the ones in between…
poly shaped, strong , tempting , intense ….
our essence is the same though
we both want freedom
we both breath life
we both love the moon & can stare at her spell for long hours
we both reflect it’s light
even the sun’s image inspires us
you are shapeless, i’m a soul inside of a body
you mean peace, i spread it
you carry life, i love life

Are we the same?…..what if we are…..

i swim in you & your freshness lowers my summer heats

i caress you with my whole body & you seem to enjoy it; while you make me swim & roll as seals do

i love my earrings, you have your sea shells

you smell nature’s sweat, i smell human skin.

i surrender to the night, you awaken by her presence

sleeping is not an option for your wildly essence, whose peaceful music caresses the breeze & sand….transforming the atmosphere into sugary fog


I love u Mar!


The paint and the beach ( Thursday night June 28th)

I needed to paint
A couple of brushes, and bright colors were more than enough
Recycled piece of wood on top of the handle, the bike my own legs
Sunset almost commencing
The ocean already calling my name
This spot was perfect
Towel on the sand and overflown imagination
There was nothing else needed
A constant feeling of company in my heart
Calming effect of simplicity in my thoughts
Sun already sleeping after a long day
and this moon who I was staring at, raising as a mini french croissant hiding shyly under a palm tree but she grew so much that her company was all I needed to see.
She was just pure light in a direct line towards me
My hands painted without seeing
Feeling my pulse, without reasoning but bouncing
Sensual ocean sound
Accompanied by you
Indescribable feeling of liberty that the ocean- sand- beach combo brought
Without hunger
Fulfilled by nature
Salty hair
I walked to the ocean to rub my painted hands
This wave wanted to hug me, and she did
Happy and wet went back to my nest
Freedom and peace. My lungs spreading even more, how big are them?….I felt so much air inside
Time to go home
4 hours went by and my free spirit was sparkling.
Indescribable picture in my heart and soul to be framed