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Tommy’s color Rainforest

My Artshow Yesterday at Muzart Hollywood FL ‘Yesss”

Blessed by the ones that came and thankful to the ones that thought of me with their best wishes

Love u all 🙂

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What is seen by the ones who can see when they actually see?
I’m at this park just staring at kids
Rainy day, wet playground, dirt and they couldn’t care less
Fun is the destination, so no obstacles blocking their way
Playing with any kid without asking names, caring about race, age or religion
Enjoyment of a simple water cracker ate slowly as if it were an indescribable block of seductive belgian chocolate meant to be savored slowly
Rain letting them be fresh and actually enjoying the sound of their mini wet shoes splashing actively in every puddle seen.
Wet slides even more slippery and no other sound heard but their sweet loud laughs
Boredom not allowed neither born
We still have those kids inside of us
We are still humble, fun, free, joyful, smilie
We can go back whenever we crave going back to the basics, where expensive noisy toys ruled by batteries are not part of this magical physical world transit we get to experience once ( at least in this realm)……:)

Schooling or Reshaping?

Running fast to win an nonexistent race he opens the door every day
Freedom unlocking his play-move-be switch
Walking fast around this sidewalk Moving hands pretending to fly
Singing aloud
Caressing flowers and kissing buds while hugging mommy and smiling contagiously
Small sparkling green eyes, the most beautiful unique ones ever seen, a mix of green, grey and blue in one powerful little young eye.My son. Speechless
Running in circles nonstop as if by stopping he’ll be forced to go back inside
What is school?
What is education?
What are limits?
Are we being educated or castrated by manipulation?
How can we know who we are and what clicks us if we are formatted since the womb
How about moderate limits, art, freedom of thought, acceptance of identities and different choices, physical activity chosen according to preferences, extended reading and debating rooms, with interesting books and classes that allow to learn functional, spiritual, emotional and real life issues?
Are we being trained for failure or success?
Freedom is lost by manipulative shadows where the stronger ones guide the weaker ones using ‘by the book items’ that get nowhere but the loss of own thinking.
Lets open our eyes
Lets ground our little ones, so they can fly
Touch, hug, kiss, read, love
and learn from their wise ingenuity and freedom of actions and thoughts on a daily basis
I’m still not sure who is teaching who

Super Lulu and my friends !!!

Briggitta the hardworker( from the Briggitta y sus amigos collection for children)


My name is Briggitta


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Briggitta hide and seek


Little Candy House