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Broken Mold

IMG_4156.JPGFrom every side pushed,
From every edge pressed
From every angle tested;
Guilt being used to shake things up
Fear to bring me back to the preconceived mold;
Flexible as an elastic band stretching,
Being brought to the ground abruptly,
Tension in the air
Peace in her soul
Segmented, judged, classified, routed with nonstop spoken words and infinite silences.
The little hole in the sky keeps her alive
The little light in her heart keeps her breathing
A fight for freedom of choice and courage to remain flying….
The road is bumpy. Fog and uncertainty ruling the way , but this walk cant be interrupted as The only way to live is to walk her walk



Change is the oxigen of the beingness

If you settle for less, if you simply adjust and forget who you are….you wont be able to breath.

What moves you and shakes you makes you be alive
If you don’t live that way, you simply become a museum piece

Does change mean we have to leave everything behind?
It means appreciating everything from a different perspective
From the eyes of love, of freedom, of detachment, of being at peace with who we truly are inside.
The outside could be confusing, mysterious sometimes; but a peaceful inside with warm eyed windows, can only bring more love to the self.

We are like magnets
We attract what we offer, what we are, what we Honestly reflect .
Walk that way, firm , straight, confident
and ‘Humble’.
Genuine shine comes only from love and love only comes from the heart
and how did it get there in the first place?
It was a choice, to see it, feel it , be it and without even realizing it, you simply became one with it.
Keep on!