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Surrendering was the best word to describe what was best for her to do, when she didn’t know if right or left were her next move.
The feeling she had was speechless
For the first time in her life, she saw this light, over her and it felt so real.
It was during an A course in miracles meeting, where an interesting group of strangers were sitting around a big oval wood table having a five minute guided meditation
The light was yellowish, not too big, but imponent.
She was very confused but could find the way to raise her arms up to the sky.
Her eyes were closed , and after one minute she felt the most amazing feeling of all.
She could feel and see even with her closed eyes, this higher power, infinity ,light or any name we prefer, holding her hands and she also perceived a smile on this peaceful a bit blurred sweet round cheeky face
After a few minutes, she felt a hug from up there; a comforting, warm, kind, relaxing, soft hug,coming from behind her shoulders and it felt so reassuring, and brought her so much Peace.
She needed a hug, those that say’ I get you’, ‘ you are not alone’, ‘ everything will be just fine’, some questions, already have an answer.

She saw the light
She opened herself to the Light
They were one
They became one
There was no separation
( a true story)