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so send Mind, nite nite



















Pinch it!
Unwritten she goes designing her path and recreating it as a piece of art being recycled by time and use, life chooses its own way moved by passions and adrenaline

How wise and essential mind is in this journey?
Are choices meant to be born in heart or mind?
what if heart chooses and mind is in disagreement?
Excuse me Sir, where is this life’s manual?
I dont want to go against the law
but … will that make me happy?

Decisions are a duality where separation is present
Present should be whole, integration, union
Can we have it all?

She was at the top of the hill of enjoyment, where no future or past had any participation
Happiness is based on that detachment from control and manipulation of the unknown….
The flow guaranties the enjoyment of whatever comes our way….
Feel, Breath, Meditate, Let go
When mind is stopped and heart is postponed, the umbilical gut feeling arises allowing the choices of Truth to manifest
So send mind nite nite 🙂








into the Heart


open heart

what is it out there?
Tip toeing I am
I can feel the taste but I ‘m still outside
like a dreidel i feel
at the center of a spinning world
opening my eyes as i move to be advised on the path to choose and learn from it
too many options
no knocks on my door
no voices of wisdom, but a curious instinct of at least what not to do
that for the very essence of curiosity ,ends up being what i want to do the most…

not committing fells like a land of confused illusion
the nest is the well known and it gives the much needed protection of the mother’s womb

exposed to ourselves we may not like what we see
but We would hold the handle
risking may sound scary
but it may be the only possibility, if change is being seeked
Don quijote tried to kill the windmills with a spade, but they were transparent and in his own mind….
….better to find another tool or to open the eyes in search for the honest truth.

The eye opening is a powerful indescribable sensation
there’s this common reality easy to see and there’s that much behind it going on that I see….
but fear of the unknown keeps me a bit distant, as if distance means protection and safety
I do want to get in, but will I come back?
still spying may be safe
a rope- like feeling of a yo- yo
no matter how far it falls or moves, it always comes back to its base
I crave this mystery anyway
It makes me feel alive
I want more but….
I see so much sometimes…..
so much
my own commitment is to hold happiness ,spread it
discover realistic formulas to feel content, blessed and in a Oneness state of mind where we are one
Your happiness is mine
Your pain is less intense by my side
My food is for you and me
and my sadness minimized by your hugs
loneliness is blowing in the wind in this state of unity
where self love and universal love rule