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Still unnamed

Does it exist?
Does True Love exist?
So many poems and lyrics
so many phrases and quotes
so many thunders and sunshines above of it all.
Below the surface there’s reality there’s pain and there’s doubt, in a world of ever-growing bouts….

Where is this going, this pain is overflowing….
This empty space goes deep to touch base, trying to win some random race nonexistent to the eyes but clear as a vase.
Could it be platonic?
Could it be the mystical in love with love… that as a cloud it can hide whats real and loud under the eyes of the cowed that screams so aloud to be heard….?
Visiting and staying… or changing its route as simple as the seasons that without any reasons they move to horizons untouched as raw diamonds.

A knot in the throat from unspoken thoughts, painful as shots is the distortion of Love

where is the feeling?
which is its location?
where do you carry it when you pretend you dont have it….

She looks for connection instead of words and deceptions
She looks for a soulmate as if they truly exist in a world of beliefs, of seasons and cliffs, of reasons and fees.
She wants to believe
She wants to retrieve
She wants to forgive herself for this feeling as deep as the core of oceans and shores so strong and life changing as winds of renewal that shower the pain with truth and with rain.




into the Heart






Into the puzzle…


open heart

what is it out there?
Tip toeing I am
I can feel the taste but I ‘m still outside
like a dreidel i feel
at the center of a spinning world
opening my eyes as i move to be advised on the path to choose and learn from it
too many options
no knocks on my door
no voices of wisdom, but a curious instinct of at least what not to do
that for the very essence of curiosity ,ends up being what i want to do the most…

not committing fells like a land of confused illusion
the nest is the well known and it gives the much needed protection of the mother’s womb

exposed to ourselves we may not like what we see
but We would hold the handle
risking may sound scary
but it may be the only possibility, if change is being seeked
Don quijote tried to kill the windmills with a spade, but they were transparent and in his own mind….
….better to find another tool or to open the eyes in search for the honest truth.

The eye opening is a powerful indescribable sensation
there’s this common reality easy to see and there’s that much behind it going on that I see….
but fear of the unknown keeps me a bit distant, as if distance means protection and safety
I do want to get in, but will I come back?
still spying may be safe
a rope- like feeling of a yo- yo
no matter how far it falls or moves, it always comes back to its base
I crave this mystery anyway
It makes me feel alive
I want more but….
I see so much sometimes…..
so much
my own commitment is to hold happiness ,spread it
discover realistic formulas to feel content, blessed and in a Oneness state of mind where we are one
Your happiness is mine
Your pain is less intense by my side
My food is for you and me
and my sadness minimized by your hugs
loneliness is blowing in the wind in this state of unity
where self love and universal love rule


sellados con valores
turbios y esfumados delineando el supuesto rumbo a seguir
moldeados y educados en forma de robotico organigrama hasta que el espejo no reconoce al que ve.
Poliforme y escurridizo

La caminata deambulante destapa nichos y en ellos acampamos
algunos generan una permanencia y otros solo de paso nos saludan.

El objetivo es simple
solo que enredado entre las madejas de lo externo, pierde claridad.
‘Felicidad’, tan simple como eso
la sensacion de pertencia, de estar en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado haciendo eso mismo que nos hace sentir el mmm…
Compuesta por momentos
donde la transparencia, sonrisa y sensacion de paz rigen.
Pero; toda una vida se evapora

Porque el constante persecutorio pre-sentir que ‘ hay algo mas’?
Invasiva la sensacion de estar incompleto.
Es inconformismo o grito desesperado por ver aun mas?
…por vivir mas intensamente observando desde el alma los valores reales?….
la incognita persiste….
y yo no tengo la respuesta


Emotions cannot be Permanent. That’s why they are called “emotions”; 
the word comes from “motion,” movement.
They move; hence, they are emotions. 
From one to another you continuously change. 
This moment you are sad, that moment you are happy;
this moment you are angry, that moment you are very compassionate;
this moment you are loving, 
another moment full of hatred; 
the morning was beautiful, the evening is ugly. This goes on.




Sunday oh! Domingo

My eyes don’t want to remain open.
Sundays are introspective, analytical days, where no conclusions are made but abundant thoughts playing ceaseless in the mind
….and they Do have fun oh yea!
Seductive rain
Relaxed mind, feeling at the summit looking down and saying hello to the sleepy base
My friend opened my eyes today
How hard it is to let loose, to brake free, to believe that things happen for a reason and just accept
Surrendering is a word that liberated me
It freed me from expectations, achievements, conclusions, tags,
…..and it feels so good
A feather light feeling
Wind choosing the direction for you and
‘The higher source’ your destination.
Re-discovering every day, we move
internal unexpected non invited revolutions that show up only because there’s an unstoppable overflown of emotions, that need to find another human shape
Shapes define some individuals and confuse others, that while seeking for the concretion of real dreams, they fall into categories of belonging and end up loosing sight of Identity Truth.
Revolve, continue, explore, test yourself.
Challenges, of self imposed victories reached by speaking out loud, real values and turbulent realities shown by the ones who are not afraid to see, and are able to choose
Choosing is betting to our own gut’s game of no winners nor losers but a constant feeling of being in charge.

Inside smile

Lost in time
tired to whine
where clear vision and the uncorrupted heart are discolored in abundant repetitive confusion, in which the illusion of freedom is all that matters, and is a few feet away, altering its shape as the Evolution of the thinking/feeling/being …..entity.

Couldn’t see clear, couldn’t decipher the mysterious mindless actions of the outside when things were unambiguous inside.
Words were overflowing the spirit, but i needed an ear
And you were here by my side

Today i saw you….
Thank you