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10670101_347775265390151_2597741953236154825_nConfused by misleading messages, black and white not well defined, blurred lines in this white canvas
Definitions bringing clarity
Silences bringing mystery, as well as opportunities for the creative mind to expand
refusing to surrender to the neutrality of the non-happening, to the comfortable space where things simply remain the same and stability rules
This air is seducing him
the expanding energy cant be tamed and holding it is not an answer anymore….
its raining….and as a shooting star he opens the door and runs as fast as he can
neither wind, rain or darkness can make him desist from this truth
Eclipses can be the obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination… he knows that and 
He walks alone
I always wonder how it would be to walk together?


If only I could fly (Spanglish Poem written on a Sleepless night at 5 am) :))

If only I could fly,I would touch the sky with my light…
I would fly; profundo, intenso, indomable hacia alturas inimaginables, to reach my cribs of the heart and mind, to forget who they are, only for one time….
I’d cuddle indefinitely and levitate with passion, sintiendo la vida vibrar en mi piel, dejando huellas con aroma intenso.
I’d hug a clowd and caress her cotton cheeks and when tired rest over her soft body, smiling with eyes closed just feeling the sun tickle my skin.
I’d fly and fly and fly spreading my wings to the sky, knowing they will always be there to shelter me from fear, dejando siempre un pequeno huequito de respiro donde la Luna intensa y sabia puedo admirar.
Volar mas alto, Vivir mas intenso, Ser feliz…. if only I could fly……
Camino, no vuelo…But flying while walking is a choice….
Together both worths would go ; ‘ca-lando’, ‘cam-ing ( not sure about this one)’,vol-cam. ……

Just Smile….the rest will come 🙂