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Concious woman

She is simply different

The way she talks

The way she moves

The way she breaths

Her flow & Air

Her vibes & Hair

She simply shows up when you would want to hide…. when the world just don’t seem to understand you….

She sees you when you’d like to pass unseen

She finds beauty in your darkest spaces and brings light to your darkness

She loves all you hoped you wouldn’t have

Her affection melts all your layered spots of the soul

When you know she is here to stay

To love you when you cant seem to love yourself

When she is simply the one…..

Beach meditation

aroused by her emotions seduced by this soft breeze
her heart started to melt, as a fountain of chocolate youth
wanting to try the fruit of risk and of truth as souls remove all its layers and dance levitating towards source
dancing slowly, this music made her move
anticipating the sound of the beat under this summer heat
The sun was trading its space with the moon and only a swim was in sight under this sunset’s light
I feel you
I know you are around
I have enough breadcrumbs to share as I cant stop my stare from this waves…..
I feed you as you fly
just sing to me as you dive; some fish will arrive whenever you strive.
In silence she was, in this paradise lost
The desire to find him was unfulfilled…
But having the desire simply meant that he existed…Their highways would finally cross, not overlapping simply realizing that the time has arrived
Home can only be felt as Home

The concrete on the sidewalk was still curing
She walked distracted but just on time she was guided to turn.
Obstacles,so many lessons undisclosed
Like a rolling ball crushing against the ground no matter how high it flies….

so she decides to go…..

Back to meditation in this summery scene of unwritten life pages and rain on the skin
adorned by Freckles


The message is clear
refusing to hear
this inner voice fear
provoking these tears
Neglecting her space
of laughter and grace
shadowing her face from liberty.
What is it out there, so tempting to wear?
What is it in here… that she expects to tear?
The Sun is still shining, no matter whats coming
The sky is still vast as it ever lasts
You, Me, Him, Her pretending to hide reality from society
The lights wont chase us as darkness lands.
Setting wings free into the sky full of shining pearls and wonder moons fooling the ones with a type of blindness called ignorance that blocks the unquestionable , from flowing.

What about stepping on layers of experienced mistakes becoming taller to spy across the tall fence of life truth ‘s?
Is that possible?

She walks alone
Experienced mastered her in learning her power.
Illusions frustrated expectations.
And choices blocked possibilities.
She walks detached from judgement and whining , from comments and rhyming.
She walks unlatched from handles and leashes facing her wishes confidently unscratched.

The power of being in a world of believing that magic exists in this list I cant resist
Called Living
Called Life
Called Being




into the Heart








on the other side

On the other side things seem perfect.
The reflection only shows glorious images spread as golden steam.

Is it me or everybody else can also see what I see?

what do you see?….

Spying brings motionless adrenaline to the blood stream

Why is the non possessed, magnified?

Is that, its real magnitude, or it is over intensified by day dreaming of a non existent perfection of beauty &  an idealized heaven?

‘The perfection of being imperfect’, she said….

….there’s this wordless freedom in making mundane mistakes.
By walking at different speeds there’s an assured fall on the way; but it’s not called failure, it’s called ‘playing this game called life’, experiencing with wide open skin pores what Planet Earth and other realms have to show us.
so Spying is allowed as long as it’s letting us squeeze the whole magnitude of our individual ‘Now’
maybe instead of spying ‘appreciating’ would be a better descriptive word to use.

where there’s no other side, where there’s no yesterday no tomorrow
where nature, love, gratitude, happiness, bliss and positivism rule

happiness is shared, freedom is shared
the fact that someone is experiencing it, its not stopping other mortals from it’s glory
on the contrary, it’s a contagious dis-ease where no illness is found but contagious spread ed out love….

Hope you enjoy it too ;)


sellados con valores
turbios y esfumados delineando el supuesto rumbo a seguir
moldeados y educados en forma de robotico organigrama hasta que el espejo no reconoce al que ve.
Poliforme y escurridizo

La caminata deambulante destapa nichos y en ellos acampamos
algunos generan una permanencia y otros solo de paso nos saludan.

El objetivo es simple
solo que enredado entre las madejas de lo externo, pierde claridad.
‘Felicidad’, tan simple como eso
la sensacion de pertencia, de estar en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado haciendo eso mismo que nos hace sentir el mmm…
Compuesta por momentos
donde la transparencia, sonrisa y sensacion de paz rigen.
Pero; toda una vida se evapora

Porque el constante persecutorio pre-sentir que ‘ hay algo mas’?
Invasiva la sensacion de estar incompleto.
Es inconformismo o grito desesperado por ver aun mas?
…por vivir mas intensamente observando desde el alma los valores reales?….
la incognita persiste….
y yo no tengo la respuesta


Emotions cannot be Permanent. That’s why they are called “emotions”; 
the word comes from “motion,” movement.
They move; hence, they are emotions. 
From one to another you continuously change. 
This moment you are sad, that moment you are happy;
this moment you are angry, that moment you are very compassionate;
this moment you are loving, 
another moment full of hatred; 
the morning was beautiful, the evening is ugly. This goes on.


Sunday oh! Domingo

My eyes don’t want to remain open.
Sundays are introspective, analytical days, where no conclusions are made but abundant thoughts playing ceaseless in the mind
….and they Do have fun oh yea!
Seductive rain
Relaxed mind, feeling at the summit looking down and saying hello to the sleepy base
My friend opened my eyes today
How hard it is to let loose, to brake free, to believe that things happen for a reason and just accept
Surrendering is a word that liberated me
It freed me from expectations, achievements, conclusions, tags,
…..and it feels so good
A feather light feeling
Wind choosing the direction for you and
‘The higher source’ your destination.
Re-discovering every day, we move
internal unexpected non invited revolutions that show up only because there’s an unstoppable overflown of emotions, that need to find another human shape
Shapes define some individuals and confuse others, that while seeking for the concretion of real dreams, they fall into categories of belonging and end up loosing sight of Identity Truth.
Revolve, continue, explore, test yourself.
Challenges, of self imposed victories reached by speaking out loud, real values and turbulent realities shown by the ones who are not afraid to see, and are able to choose
Choosing is betting to our own gut’s game of no winners nor losers but a constant feeling of being in charge.

Inside smile

Lost in time
tired to whine
where clear vision and the uncorrupted heart are discolored in abundant repetitive confusion, in which the illusion of freedom is all that matters, and is a few feet away, altering its shape as the Evolution of the thinking/feeling/being …..entity.

Couldn’t see clear, couldn’t decipher the mysterious mindless actions of the outside when things were unambiguous inside.
Words were overflowing the spirit, but i needed an ear
And you were here by my side

Today i saw you….
Thank you

Circle of light

Absorbed by this intense meditation she crossed this yellowish shining circle of light.
The meditation guided her to walk and open a door
She could imagine a red bright wood heavy door, she could even touch it.
She had to see where she was, and even though she was in love with trees and with the ocean, all she could see was a cloudy floor and a sky blue color on top
Yes she was walking on the sky
Soft tender clouds caressing her skin
Breeze seducing her
Hair moved around by open eyed dreams
The Reiki master’s voice was heard , softly inviting to approach a building that was on the other side of the place ( on the other side of her Sky)
The building was bright, open, a simple yer gorgeous loft, grey cement, wood and red cushions all over
Light spying from every window
This particular spot had more red chubby cushions than the rest of the apartment.
So she sat down
and the only thing she could see was similar minded people
full of love
holding hands
moving their heads and bodies softly with the sound of an indian melody
Fresh smell in the air
Peace in the heart
Hugged and kissed by an unnamed passionate figure she was, heavenly she felt, moved, content and in the moment…..
She didn’t want that moment to end
The image was perfection
She could hear the master’s meditation again telling to move back to the door, and then back to the place they were before ( her sky )
and back to the circle of light
She followed directions, although she was actually resisting to leave that sacred space
She wanted to stay where she was
She was so fulfilled, at peace, feeling love all over
But back to reality she needed to go
and she did so
The place felt so real that she knew she could always go back
A private mystical crib for the soul she found
Where love and caress are the oxygen to breath and music and light are the only condiments needed to spice up this life’s delicatessen
( true story during a meditation)

Numb ( Amiga this one is for you :)

Unique as she was, she got lost in a worshiped relationship called marriage, where if you happen to choose the wrong partner in crime, you have to surrender yourself and stay exactly where you are,( don’t move) according to life’s traditional values.

A numb relationship left her lonely not being alone

But life pushes your own breath,up to unthinkable extremes, and then gives you second shots.
And when the roof is about to collapse and rainbows are lost in the seas of thoughts and emptiness, love knocks the door again.

She was busy following the ‘by the book’ routine of family chores and silent tears, but when she was supposed to see, her eyes opened immediately to the incoming light of new fresh air, and she ended up seeing ‘Truth’

My Dear special chosen sister

A new chapter is starting, please close the previous book, without any regrets

Breath, Smile , Be and Let him hug you ‘Mucho’.

Trust your guts, follow your heart deeply , intensely and happily cause the best is about to start, and we live only once.

Your time is Now

Backing you up for ever

Love u!

Me 🙂

There’s always something in the pinkish world

In a Speechless zone…