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Concious woman

She is simply different

The way she talks

The way she moves

The way she breaths

Her flow & Air

Her vibes & Hair

She simply shows up when you would want to hide…. when the world just don’t seem to understand you….

She sees you when you’d like to pass unseen

She finds beauty in your darkest spaces and brings light to your darkness

She loves all you hoped you wouldn’t have

Her affection melts all your layered spots of the soul

When you know she is here to stay

To love you when you cant seem to love yourself

When she is simply the one…..

in my mind….

in my mind heartbreak was just an indecipherable state
in my mind the sun shielded us from obscurity
in my mind fear was a 4 letter word, unchosen
in my mind, loving was forever & never ending as breathing.
compassion and love our sixth sense.
shadows; only a reflection of trees, of shapes, not a dark soul feeling of fading into the night….
In my mind the beach was our home not allowing money as a medium to subsist on Earth…..where the ocean felt like blankets do and the sand as nests; as the only inhabitants who need money to be alive on Earth, she gifted us with nature and free loving.
In my mind, you & you & you & I… came here to be one, to help each other, through compassion & kindness, excluding  selfishness & simply offering tender love and trust to every soul, even the ones that choose to hide sensitivity and pain due to a misconception of what to be vulnerable and fragile really means
In my mind challenges were confirmation tests of our own true nature; no need for outdoor’s approval
In my mind, a shoot in the hoop still an activity allowing our essence to remain the same & victory not being a game but a feeling in the soulin my mind midnights were my secret spot that helped me unlock my truest Me, reminding me of the pleasure of existence, the abundance that simplicity possesses , of the ones to let go and the ones to keep; building the present as a solid foundation of an incoming future, where dreams come true; and peace, breathing and being; only synonyms of who we truly are.
in my mind eyes were only the windows to a beautiful inside out soul, simply hiding from deception; in love with love but quite scared of opening the heart to allow it’s humble natural flow.
in my mind every kiss would perpetuate all over my pores the indescribable intensity of the passion felt, immortalized as tattoos decorating my skin
Sensuality the motive & manifested art of seduction.
I guess we do know;
in our mind, essence, spirit…
… answers arise at the right day/time, if we are not hiding from them.
In my mind love was more than love;
it meant life
it meant joy
it meant companionship
it meant honesty
it meant freedom of being and choice
it meant hugs and touch
it meant friendship
it meant openness
it meant listening
it meant giving
it meant Unity & Oneness
L.O.V.E. Live life in a Oneness state of Vibrating Existence
in my mind……

so send Mind, nite nite



















Pinch it!
Unwritten she goes designing her path and recreating it as a piece of art being recycled by time and use, life chooses its own way moved by passions and adrenaline

How wise and essential mind is in this journey?
Are choices meant to be born in heart or mind?
what if heart chooses and mind is in disagreement?
Excuse me Sir, where is this life’s manual?
I dont want to go against the law
but … will that make me happy?

Decisions are a duality where separation is present
Present should be whole, integration, union
Can we have it all?

She was at the top of the hill of enjoyment, where no future or past had any participation
Happiness is based on that detachment from control and manipulation of the unknown….
The flow guaranties the enjoyment of whatever comes our way….
Feel, Breath, Meditate, Let go
When mind is stopped and heart is postponed, the umbilical gut feeling arises allowing the choices of Truth to manifest
So send mind nite nite 🙂







the sun is hiding, the moon up there staring.

you walk slowly

the ocean captivates you

fascinated by its music, you meditate

nights are your own path, in search of your own wrath

when noises are absent & shades dont follow.

authentic, sincere, and a truth chaser in a world of costumes & masks

where nobody asks what is it that you busk

cold weather levitates you & your sensuality vitiates

if only you could see, how special you can be, when stars are talking loud & wind tickles in your back….

sincerity in the dark soothes the identity of the sensitive.

protective, naive, genuinely goofy …

sheltering arms that captivate this free soul in search of answers

It’s easier to be yourself in the darkness of the night,

the moon’s spell hypnotizes the rebel mind, out of it’s comfort zone

Truth is not easy.

Adapting is

Truth is not fun

Lies & escapism are.

Truth is not cheap

obeying & following rules may be

Truth is not feeling lonely

learning to be alone is the sanctuary where dreams are planted as seeds & time allows its proper ascension

erasing the habits of forgotten past, re-writing reality in the present and now.

stronger than planned, sweeter than honey, fierce ……

En un mundo idealizado en la memoria, te animas a Ser…tu mismo!

(in an idealized world that resides in memories you are brave enough to be yourself)

on the other side

On the other side things seem perfect.
The reflection only shows glorious images spread as golden steam.

Is it me or everybody else can also see what I see?

what do you see?….

Spying brings motionless adrenaline to the blood stream

Why is the non possessed, magnified?

Is that, its real magnitude, or it is over intensified by day dreaming of a non existent perfection of beauty &  an idealized heaven?

‘The perfection of being imperfect’, she said….

….there’s this wordless freedom in making mundane mistakes.
By walking at different speeds there’s an assured fall on the way; but it’s not called failure, it’s called ‘playing this game called life’, experiencing with wide open skin pores what Planet Earth and other realms have to show us.
so Spying is allowed as long as it’s letting us squeeze the whole magnitude of our individual ‘Now’
maybe instead of spying ‘appreciating’ would be a better descriptive word to use.

where there’s no other side, where there’s no yesterday no tomorrow
where nature, love, gratitude, happiness, bliss and positivism rule

happiness is shared, freedom is shared
the fact that someone is experiencing it, its not stopping other mortals from it’s glory
on the contrary, it’s a contagious dis-ease where no illness is found but contagious spread ed out love….

It’s Time to Wake Up Now—Free Your Mind

Please check out this wise video….


Seeking for a lost cat makes good sense when the night comes and shadows are hiding from Truth
But some cats cannot be captured
They choose loneliness, scared of being ‘leashed’.
They choose darkness cause they are not afraid of obscurity.
There’s always a door opened where some emerging light is all they need.
It’s not mandatory to have this light outside, cause they wont be able to hold it anyway….
But it will be wide enough to help ‘Them’ choose their own way, enamor their chosen better half , that if well caressed, is gonna walk by their side until there’s no more tomorrow.
Eyes can only face one way.
They live in one direction.
Eyes are not in the back, they are facing your chosen tomorrow, where they choose simplicity, happiness , lots of laughs and L.O.V.E
( Listen to Ourselves, grab Veridity ; and reach Ecxtasis)


A story that came to my mind a few minutes ago 🙂

Independence is linked to happiness
Unplanned alone dates and no explanations about choices or preferences in this world of belonging to something or someone.
He was not looking for love as wolves do in a continuous sunrise to sunset food hunt , he was only trying to believe, that somebody out there would come and without a knock on that heavy door of disbelief, convince him ‘Real Love actually existed’.
Platonic was the one he dreamt of.
Misleading was the one he obtained that was transformed into a monotonous life game without winners.
He was a victim of the traditional family law of obeying who ‘The perfect one for him was’ and as expected, he did a good job.
Found her, married her, try to love her, and ended up being the best actor in a deceitful play where clown actors win the trophy but real heroes vanish.
He thought it was too late
He remembered his shadow but not the horizon.
He lost faith, so he lost himself
Packed a small bag of rope less dreams and left.
Many planes helped him cross the Oceans without getting wet, but his eyes were blurred by small tears.
Attitude matters, not size
Perspective matters as outsiders do, positioning themselves in the first row where they could see the play,but cannot be seen.

He could see his life, a real scale model picture, where all the right pieces were present , simply misplaced.
He picked himself up from the board
Removed all clothes and old thoughts, sat in silence and closed his eyes.
All other little pieces including people and things were left untouched but on the side so they could do their own thing…,
and him?
Well , he opened his eyes,really open, for the first time.
and chose

He saw love
He saw life
He saw challenges
He saw light

Cause he chose to actually SEE.


Because he is my Inspiration
And he does ‘Truth’
His wisdom is the Life I choose
So happy and blessed I found him
Here’s a very very interesting one I saw today, which I truly agree with


Change is the oxigen of the beingness

If you settle for less, if you simply adjust and forget who you are….you wont be able to breath.

What moves you and shakes you makes you be alive
If you don’t live that way, you simply become a museum piece

Does change mean we have to leave everything behind?
It means appreciating everything from a different perspective
From the eyes of love, of freedom, of detachment, of being at peace with who we truly are inside.
The outside could be confusing, mysterious sometimes; but a peaceful inside with warm eyed windows, can only bring more love to the self.

We are like magnets
We attract what we offer, what we are, what we Honestly reflect .
Walk that way, firm , straight, confident
and ‘Humble’.
Genuine shine comes only from love and love only comes from the heart
and how did it get there in the first place?
It was a choice, to see it, feel it , be it and without even realizing it, you simply became one with it.
Keep on!