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white canvas

This rain is stimulating my senses
My hand feels untamable
My fingers are playing with the infinite white of this sensual canvas.
My right index is guiding the way, all colors directing the play.
Soft music’s been playing around ,seducing my heart to lay down.
I find a nice spot to hide,
not sure from whom or what at this time, when fear is not felt neither remembered.
The wonder of stillness fulfilling this heart of mine, in love with the illusion of connected souls, evolving together in collective flowing support.
Reality brings other results relating us all as if in cults; when values and choices require approval, when passions and goals need to pass this roles of acceptance, as if societies Laws determine our ”it’s ok’ life’s choices’.
……real love and connection is put aside;
temptations, frustrations, finances re directing our essence
destroying the core of a genuinely dreamt journey called Life
I wonder where do our dreams go….

as I go back to an infinite white canvas
waiting for my words to be finger- painted.


African rythm


into the Heart



Custom made Apron



Artisan Canvas Cloth Bags

Collage by LoniDuek‘Collage’ by LoniDuek Collection

Almost human


My Artshow Yesterday at Muzart Hollywood FL ‘Yesss”

Blessed by the ones that came and thankful to the ones that thought of me with their best wishes

Love u all 🙂

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The line

Blurred vision
Trembling heart and cold sweated body
Peaceful alert wide opened vision
Looking around seeking for an answer I was.
Moved, sensitive but stronger than ever, no reaction at hand and a calming surrendering in the atmosphere about to begin….
An imaginary line was about to be crossed
That was The Awakening day, time…The line
There’s no other incident I recall as ‘The day’
Lost I felt
No need to be found
Absent hunger impregnating my body
that left me a bit physically weak, but spiritually….Stronger than ever.
The tasting testing official beginning: December 2011
The official Line: March/ April 2012
….to be continued…..


Piece of a wood door found on the street

Painted late at night when there’s no sound or light

Queen for a day