My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


white canvas

This rain is stimulating my senses
My hand feels untamable
My fingers are playing with the infinite white of this sensual canvas.
My right index is guiding the way, all colors directing the play.
Soft music’s been playing around ,seducing my heart to lay down.
I find a nice spot to hide,
not sure from whom or what at this time, when fear is not felt neither remembered.
The wonder of stillness fulfilling this heart of mine, in love with the illusion of connected souls, evolving together in collective flowing support.
Reality brings other results relating us all as if in cults; when values and choices require approval, when passions and goals need to pass this roles of acceptance, as if societies Laws determine our ”it’s ok’ life’s choices’.
……real love and connection is put aside;
temptations, frustrations, finances re directing our essence
destroying the core of a genuinely dreamt journey called Life
I wonder where do our dreams go….

as I go back to an infinite white canvas
waiting for my words to be finger- painted.

Still unnamed

Does it exist?
Does True Love exist?
So many poems and lyrics
so many phrases and quotes
so many thunders and sunshines above of it all.
Below the surface there’s reality there’s pain and there’s doubt, in a world of ever-growing bouts….

Where is this going, this pain is overflowing….
This empty space goes deep to touch base, trying to win some random race nonexistent to the eyes but clear as a vase.
Could it be platonic?
Could it be the mystical in love with love… that as a cloud it can hide whats real and loud under the eyes of the cowed that screams so aloud to be heard….?
Visiting and staying… or changing its route as simple as the seasons that without any reasons they move to horizons untouched as raw diamonds.

A knot in the throat from unspoken thoughts, painful as shots is the distortion of Love

where is the feeling?
which is its location?
where do you carry it when you pretend you dont have it….

She looks for connection instead of words and deceptions
She looks for a soulmate as if they truly exist in a world of beliefs, of seasons and cliffs, of reasons and fees.
She wants to believe
She wants to retrieve
She wants to forgive herself for this feeling as deep as the core of oceans and shores so strong and life changing as winds of renewal that shower the pain with truth and with rain.



The message is clear
refusing to hear
this inner voice fear
provoking these tears
Neglecting her space
of laughter and grace
shadowing her face from liberty.
What is it out there, so tempting to wear?
What is it in here… that she expects to tear?
The Sun is still shining, no matter whats coming
The sky is still vast as it ever lasts
You, Me, Him, Her pretending to hide reality from society
The lights wont chase us as darkness lands.
Setting wings free into the sky full of shining pearls and wonder moons fooling the ones with a type of blindness called ignorance that blocks the unquestionable , from flowing.

What about stepping on layers of experienced mistakes becoming taller to spy across the tall fence of life truth ‘s?
Is that possible?

She walks alone
Experienced mastered her in learning her power.
Illusions frustrated expectations.
And choices blocked possibilities.
She walks detached from judgement and whining , from comments and rhyming.
She walks unlatched from handles and leashes facing her wishes confidently unscratched.

The power of being in a world of believing that magic exists in this list I cant resist
Called Living
Called Life
Called Being


Wanna go?

Sex manipulates what minds cant do
Love is genuine, yet weak
Searching for him she was, only to realize she needed to find herself first
Pavements made her stronger.They taught her the street was not a pinkish world where Mary poppins ruled.
Life taught her lessons hard to define by the one that only used words to speak

The skin saves in its pores unmasked knowledge
Freedom is detachment
Freedom knows who we are, what we like, and lets us be ourselves.
She will only find her soul mate, when complete
‘Do you want to share completeness?, she asked him
‘Life would be much nicer with you by my side’. She added
I’m ready to walk together, life’s awaiting’.He said

Let’s get lost in time,it’s meant to be shared…..he added

Life in Spanglish

Why fighting when we can make love
Why shouting when this soft music can fill us up, hasta embriagarnos
Why running, when we can hold hands and breath together, mirando el sol desvanecerse en el infinito
Life was supposed to be like that. Why do we like to complicate it?
Vivir es vivir.
Vivir no es sufrir.
Vivir no es ponernos un ‘Victim costume’ so we can freely pretend what we are not……Convincing whom?
Do we really want to be Great actors?
We want to be happy
Happiness is a choice, no costume required, no trophy at the end of the street or medal to share
Simply and honest choice, of smiling every day, of sharing, of singing
of enjoying new leaves in those almost dead,Trees.
Sunsets and sunrises in every corner of life
Trying new tastes of the world.
Bending down only to smell that tiny flower that was staring at us
That talk the other night
That wave that made us roll nonstop like children do, touching the bottom of the sea
When are we gonna wake up?
There’s no draft book for life
We write in the Oficial notebook where erasers dont work
Better chose wisely, so we can keep on smiling in the no regrets zone