My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Sunday oh! Domingo

My eyes don’t want to remain open.
Sundays are introspective, analytical days, where no conclusions are made but abundant thoughts playing ceaseless in the mind
….and they Do have fun oh yea!
Seductive rain
Relaxed mind, feeling at the summit looking down and saying hello to the sleepy base
My friend opened my eyes today
How hard it is to let loose, to brake free, to believe that things happen for a reason and just accept
Surrendering is a word that liberated me
It freed me from expectations, achievements, conclusions, tags,
…..and it feels so good
A feather light feeling
Wind choosing the direction for you and
‘The higher source’ your destination.
Re-discovering every day, we move
internal unexpected non invited revolutions that show up only because there’s an unstoppable overflown of emotions, that need to find another human shape
Shapes define some individuals and confuse others, that while seeking for the concretion of real dreams, they fall into categories of belonging and end up loosing sight of Identity Truth.
Revolve, continue, explore, test yourself.
Challenges, of self imposed victories reached by speaking out loud, real values and turbulent realities shown by the ones who are not afraid to see, and are able to choose
Choosing is betting to our own gut’s game of no winners nor losers but a constant feeling of being in charge.


One response

  1. Rain – the mystical and grand cleanser …

    May 19, 2014 at 10:34 PM

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