My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


Searching for his home he was
Diving cold waters of never ending depths seeking for this idealized reality only captured by his mind, blind to the sight.
Strong winds moving the unmovable, except his feet
He knew which step to take. Fear was not his friend anymore
Messy hair, strong complexion, sensuality at its peak.
His skin was dark
His eyes penetrating
His thoughts, lost in time
He was in need of a Home
The outside was fulfilling the physical holes a human body can carry, but they can only reach to a certain extent, and when the idealized time for dreaming cames to an end, no fulfillment is made but the emptiness caused by the thinking mind.
He saw faces, but only some pairs of eyes did communicate
Sometimes words were not needed
But still home-less…..he was
His house was a warm bed establishment to exhibit the new prey, but lost was, the crib cozy enchanting magnetism of a H.O.M.E
(the only spot allowed and protective enough to straighten him when the day ends and the new one is spying like a hidden child while playing hide and seek)
Lost in thoughts, confused by constantly seeking outside
Not even the mirror’s reflection talked about him
So many roles developed to perfection, that even Mr Mirror whispered ; ‘what’s your name again boy?’
He heard definition is the key, but he discovered that defining himself through thought was simply limiting himself
square-izing him.
Authentic interactions are impossible when losing ourselves in a role.
New to his persona, he walked
Sunrise smiling
The sun was still yawning, and the morning breeze still asleep
but he could see through
this new beginning was tangible to the sight
A bit tired and weak to win any discovery race , but strong enough for emerging freedom….
of himself
of settled society’s reality
of conformism
of approval
of limitations without a convincing reason
of mirror’s one way conversations where appearance plays the leading role
Bare foot he sat on the beach ready to detach
Connecting with mother Earth through sight and feet…..the beginning was imminent
A side smile showing his shining white pearls and an unseen unperceptive light to the outside, ruling his every new step of self discovery, inside, where no conditioning exists and purpose is that maters.


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