My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


There’s a question I do carry without an answer, it shows up every now and then
thinking aloud i say
how and when we lost sight of what we Do have ?
Who told us everything we need , like, enjoy, savor, trust, is outside?

Immersed in the ambition of ‘nothing is enough’ we loose our own self and even values convincing ourselves that the grass is greener on the other side of the road
Is it?
But ……gardening again?

Fear of fear is what scares me
Real fear itself empowers me , because an outside factor is causing powerful sensations inside, that move me;
and that means I’m alive….
I love to feel, what’s need to be felt.
It’s in my path, my life’s growth
Do we need failure to rediscover what we have?
Do we need the wrong people at the right time and places to hug the precious ones that we already know?
Eyes are like radars
They turn and move nonstop only to detect a determined target, but we have to be careful, many other things could be left unseen, and they could be ‘It’
Third eye, sixth sense, instinct
are all similar names to describe the way heart sees, have we learn to read him yet?
We know whats good for us
There’s this unique souls we just feel like hugging, so why not ?
what is stopping us? us? or what we think our image projects ?
Why do we test our own behavior constantly?
Are we getting a trophy after passing our own test? or losing the freedom of sight to really see inside?
We choose….
The moment we choose mind we lose
The moment we choose the Now and the Heart we start living.
And one day out of nowhere….

There’s an awakening moment, the first one of many we luckily experience in our lives
…one remote day we simply open our eyes and just ‘See’
Everything looks simply different
new eyes?

The feeling is just peaceful
big smile in your face
no words
no palpable answer


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