My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


Labyrinth of feelings with no exit door close by….
Faces with no sincere eyes to look at…
Mixed emotions installed where love and sincerity are messed up by poly faced personalities and politic answers….

Whats the purpose

Walking to infinity and getting lost in the way believing obstacles are ‘The End holes’ when the only thing they are is a new chance to grow wiser.
Growing apart from humble childhood values, when it was actually a supreme’s test, to measure us….and the result?….our almost lost connection to the basics ….
Easy to lose ourselves, hard to stay grounded
Easy to go for the easy, hard to stay true to truth
Easy to want, put outside, push aside
Hard to be us, trust ourselves, and still help everyone else….
Blurred vision, confused thoughts
Lost love?
Just hiding waiting for a better world to come where no judgement exists, no wars allowed, no weapons but the utensils to eat our meals
The return to nurturing talks
where butterflies, do exist, flowers shine, trees are hugged and love is in the air
Surrendering to life’s dreams, nature, and love
I’m not losing myself
That’s not gonna happen
I ‘m choosing my life on a daily basis and it happens to be shared with this unique souls, I get to discover almost everyday, in hopeless places, where humility, honesty, freedom and love are the only laws not needed to brake
and the light that illuminate our life path
is constantly shining


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