My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Span-glish or Eng-nish?

Coming from Buenos Aires 10 anos ago
el Ingles is my preference for the most part, due to the fact that I read libros en Ingles, I watch peliculas en Ingles, I even dream in English.
I got to the conclusion ( lol ) that better my English gets better, cause my Spanish is becoming una especie de laberinto enigmatico, where no growth is seen exceeding the size of an Empanada
When two or ‘how many latino nationalities reside in south florida?, coexist in the same place, el acento, words, even expressions are transformed into this intriguing fusion of the’ where are you from?’
And the answer, creo is,
I have no idea šŸ™‚
Actually instead of feeling bad about it, I choose the fascinating answer of’ I am native of the world’, cause actually I am.
I love everything Asia and Zen
I am passionate about Latin american values, Beaches, and People
I adore Argentinean, Japanese, Vietnamese food and having a cold pizza, the morning after I actually bought it, directly from the fridge as an appetizing breakfast.
Of course accompanied by my mate ( in case you have no idea of what that is; I ‘ll tell you that is sharing, enjoying company, laughing and talking while sipping through this metal straw inserted in a dried cured pumpkin or calabaza with yerba mate inside and hot water poured into it, con azucar agregada or simply without)
Costa rica’s wilderness, Israel’s Dead sea, Paris culture and lovely French acento, New york’s energizing vibe.
Rustic scenery from the outskirts , mexican nachos ( totopos correctamente dicho, con salsa, guacamole or simply anything)
Africa’s unique animals que vi en el Safari. Zambia’s mother’s who even surrounded by yellow fever mosquitos and undrinkable water, hold and protect their 5 children under 5 telling them it’s ok when one is being nursed, and of course, no chairs seen in their surroundings but dirt.
It’s increible to be un ciudadano (citizen) del mundo.
Pienso que that is our best ‘Us’ as a fusion of what we bring from the past that we actually like, our Chosen today, and what’s even better….
Our unseen adrenalitico futuro , which will actually be a result of this union of all of what we love about ourselves the world, countries and traditions, and last but not least our choices
Hopefully we make good ones
Adoro mi Spanglish :0)
Es mi national flag, and I guess it’s colour is the Rainbow


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