My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


There are no coincidences
Meeting him tonight at Nannie’s meeting had a purpose
( she new it)
Burnt by fire, his skin had scars and wounds, still healing from the past misery ( as he called it)
He couldn’t evolve into the simplicity of the non reaction and the stillness to awareness, that what is meant to be happens, and it’ s always for the good
Some things shouldn’t be talked too much
When you are supposed to find “The One”, you simply know it, no over analizing to the extreme is required, because the ‘I’m home feeling’ of happiness and being your own self is what is felt with that One person by your side. It just feels natural.
The feeling is perfection.
The highest point of happiness, where being your full self and being with this special one, just completes each other in harmony. No description needed
….and you dont want to let this angel fade
Freedom is the beauty of any partnership, that moved by its healthy habits, lets every member of this speechless union “Be” and just adds pleasure, companionship, love, indescribable physical connection ….
The past is yesterday, thinking too much is the past.
He was not there anymore
He had to see today, and move, confident, happy, open, free and sharing those things with somebody that dreams like him, where stealing lives is not part of the game, adding is ……
Tonight he simply realized;

One Just simply knows
No words are needed
Looking in the eyes
No explanations required, Just a kiss.


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