My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Hide and seek

Who wins the hide and seek game?

The one that is not found….. right?
but may never be….

While all the others are back together planning the next game, the winner turns out to be the loser.
How smart are we in our choices
What are we aiming for?
Our roots are the same, it’s our choices what define us, and then we complain of having bad luck when it was for the most part, Our bad choice.
Owning our words make us winners
Winners of choice, of success and of failure.
Failure is succeeding cause we took chances.
G’d doesn’t want us to make the right decisions, he wants us to be ourselves
and that comes naturally without any extensive thought, it comes from the heart and it’s instinctive.
We dont have to Try to be like this or Try to be like that
When the right moment comes we are open and balanced without even realizing that things happen…
The potential is in us but we want the mind to decide and she has to be left aside for us to remain in a neutral state where openness resides.
Mooji said one phrase today that moved me so much:
‘It can take a year to be happy, or you can be happy Now’
what would you choose?
Then he added:
We become miserable when we TRY to be happy…..
Stop trying, simply being is the answer
Everything arises in perfect timing, Unplanned
Lets play hide and seek and have fun
No losers nor winners simply smiles 🙂


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