My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


Seeking for a lost cat makes good sense when the night comes and shadows are hiding from Truth
But some cats cannot be captured
They choose loneliness, scared of being ‘leashed’.
They choose darkness cause they are not afraid of obscurity.
There’s always a door opened where some emerging light is all they need.
It’s not mandatory to have this light outside, cause they wont be able to hold it anyway….
But it will be wide enough to help ‘Them’ choose their own way, enamor their chosen better half , that if well caressed, is gonna walk by their side until there’s no more tomorrow.
Eyes can only face one way.
They live in one direction.
Eyes are not in the back, they are facing your chosen tomorrow, where they choose simplicity, happiness , lots of laughs and L.O.V.E
( Listen to Ourselves, grab Veridity ; and reach Ecxtasis)


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