My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)


A story that came to my mind a few minutes ago 🙂

Independence is linked to happiness
Unplanned alone dates and no explanations about choices or preferences in this world of belonging to something or someone.
He was not looking for love as wolves do in a continuous sunrise to sunset food hunt , he was only trying to believe, that somebody out there would come and without a knock on that heavy door of disbelief, convince him ‘Real Love actually existed’.
Platonic was the one he dreamt of.
Misleading was the one he obtained that was transformed into a monotonous life game without winners.
He was a victim of the traditional family law of obeying who ‘The perfect one for him was’ and as expected, he did a good job.
Found her, married her, try to love her, and ended up being the best actor in a deceitful play where clown actors win the trophy but real heroes vanish.
He thought it was too late
He remembered his shadow but not the horizon.
He lost faith, so he lost himself
Packed a small bag of rope less dreams and left.
Many planes helped him cross the Oceans without getting wet, but his eyes were blurred by small tears.
Attitude matters, not size
Perspective matters as outsiders do, positioning themselves in the first row where they could see the play,but cannot be seen.

He could see his life, a real scale model picture, where all the right pieces were present , simply misplaced.
He picked himself up from the board
Removed all clothes and old thoughts, sat in silence and closed his eyes.
All other little pieces including people and things were left untouched but on the side so they could do their own thing…,
and him?
Well , he opened his eyes,really open, for the first time.
and chose

He saw love
He saw life
He saw challenges
He saw light

Cause he chose to actually SEE.


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