My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Reiki and her

Overwhelmed by confusing dreams where physical reality was intense but the emocional ‘s suffering felt as real as touch, she opened her eyes.
Weak, and tired.
She needed to trust, and seeking for it she found faith
Morning blessings accompanied by symbols; and ready she was to heal herself.
She had to be able to spread love
She was not allowed to get drawn in the platonic illusions of love
Self healing Reiki started , her body naked and warm, her hands were seeking for the weakest spot to heal
And they found her heart.
A pleasing sensation filled her up
Her hands were burning, covering her up with so much lightness and warmth that not even existed in the remote infinite.
She was ready now to stand up and get dressed
Peaceful and smilie she combed her hair and started to walk in direction to a new special, unique day.


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