My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

The whole in the wall

Hold me in your arms and lets fade as one.
There’s an infinite hole in the wall in direction to Eternity
Let’s pretend there’s no tomorrow or no end , just a structured beginning where limitations are the spine but devotion is the bait for allurement.
Lets walk, run , float…
The sun is on our side of the mountains where peace and freedom rule.
The side of the shade doesn’t speak our language
Teach me right
Forget the wrong
Feed your light
Shadow walks alone
Breath as if it were the last time,
cause it is.
The highways of eternity teach mercy, but some hearts choose ‘Me, Myself and I’
How can I move if I’m not fed
Air should be shared, but it’s hiding underneath old pavements of egoism.
I walk alone. That’s my choice
I’m not ready to give my trust to a lucid, fine, limpid Gem devoted to silence.


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