My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

The sun

The sun is hiding
He doesn’t want to come out
The ocean seems fresh and pure so why face the rest?
Liars are good actors in the world of selfishness
They say what they want to get where they need ,convincing the wright ones
to go there
It’s easy to be them
They cover themselves with the mask of the humble where underneath a lot of burning is flaming dying in premeditated tint every single piece of ingenuity
How can we distinguish agony from
How can we see the reality of the mind?
Words can hypnotize selves while actions are asleep
The Sun wants to come and visit
He wants to see us laugh and love
He wants to exude the warming effect of his tender caress over the world’s physical body
But sometimes he just hides
He questions our choices ….
Watch our marionette hands stare at the litter and choose what ‘They already Know’ its not good, convincing themselves that things will be different this time around, when the tangible change comes only from the heart

The Sun decided to come out one more time
Cause we need second chances, and he is ready to meditate.


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