My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Life in Spanglish

Why fighting when we can make love
Why shouting when this soft music can fill us up, hasta embriagarnos
Why running, when we can hold hands and breath together, mirando el sol desvanecerse en el infinito
Life was supposed to be like that. Why do we like to complicate it?
Vivir es vivir.
Vivir no es sufrir.
Vivir no es ponernos un ‘Victim costume’ so we can freely pretend what we are not……Convincing whom?
Do we really want to be Great actors?
We want to be happy
Happiness is a choice, no costume required, no trophy at the end of the street or medal to share
Simply and honest choice, of smiling every day, of sharing, of singing
of enjoying new leaves in those almost dead,Trees.
Sunsets and sunrises in every corner of life
Trying new tastes of the world.
Bending down only to smell that tiny flower that was staring at us
That talk the other night
That wave that made us roll nonstop like children do, touching the bottom of the sea
When are we gonna wake up?
There’s no draft book for life
We write in the Oficial notebook where erasers dont work
Better chose wisely, so we can keep on smiling in the no regrets zone


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