My Writen Painted felt Authobiography ;)

Spanglish Love

Love; Lo-ve
Lo veo?
Lo verdadero?
lo que vendra…..?
Falling down as a shooting star, love flies
It touches my skin softly but tightly and melts, I search for you but cant see you….have you gone? where are you?
El amor es como el agua, no se ve, se siente, renueva, refresca, envuelve
Our own weight becomes weightless in love, as it happens in water…
En el agua, eres mi shelter, me incentivas, pero tambien me proteges del tornado del vivir
I want to hold love and keep it to myself but it’s free as water is and it’s all over, it doesn’t want to be held neither caged
Viene y va, comes and goes.
We breath it, we feel it, yet we cant posses it…..
Light and day, Night and mystery…
Quiero acapararte, poseerte y te me escapas
Cosquillas me produces pero lagrimas deslizas, salty as the sea.
How can something untouchable, rule the world….?
Infinite magical Light coming from all OVer, Enlightening our lives
That’s what you really are my dear!


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